SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — If you never thought the Mohawk River would have its own "water taxi," prepare for a surprise: A new one may begin operating this fall.

The Mohawk River Cruises company has licensed its first glass-bottom boat to begin commercial operation on the Mohawk River, with four destinations planned on a timed schedule: Mohawk Harbor and the Stockade Neighborhood in Schenectady; Scotia Landing; and the Water's Edge Lighthouse in Glenville. A short season may begin in the next few weeks, with full operation planned for spring 2018.

Plans include a day pass for between $10 and $20, with other extended offers for weekend travel or year-long ride passes. New owner Sing Sonthivongnorath, who owns a local moving company, said he saw an opportunity when Rivers Casino opened and Mohawk Harbor began construction.

"This is the jewel of Schenectady," Sonthivongnorath said Wednesday, gesturing over the Mohawk River. "I want to be able to bring this to people, to give them a better quality of life ... people that weren't able to experience the river."

The boat is captained by veteran operator Dave Mathis of Schuylerville. A second boat has been purchased and will be shipped from Florida for the spring 2018 season.