At 12 feet long and more then 800 pounds each, parts of America's history now on display in the village of Ballston Spa.

These are two steel pieces of the PATH rail line that ran underneath the World Trade Center.

"These two are from that transit, and by luck, they're the last two pieces that were left of all of the artifacts from the twin towers," said Peter Champagne from the Ballston Spa Rotary Club.

After two years of planning, the rails were brought up from Long Island last year. Officials say much of the materials and labor was donated or discounted.

"The purpose of this memorial is to remind people of the sacrifices they've all made," said Mayor John Romano. 

Monday night, officials held a dedication ceremony in an effort to honor the lives lost.

"These are the pieces that will bring to the ones that lost their lives and their families some justice and a memory. And we can bring that memory to Ballston Spa for those people," said Champagne.

Village officials say their next step for the monument is to install the plaques at this site that will include all of the names of people who donated.