TROY, N.Y. -- It's the moment police say they fear, and one the community says is becoming too common.

Dahmeek McDonald, 22, was shot twice by police Tuesday night. He was wanted by state parole.

"A series of events unfolded, but we won't know for certain until we speak to the officers," said Troy Police Chief John Tedesco.

Troy police are hoping they can rely on what they call a close community relationship to help the investigation.

"When you look at the previous shootings that we've had, especially in light of the mood that we have, we haven't had any serious uprisings," Tedesco said.

"We feel like we get improper policing. We pay for improper policing," said McDonald's uncle, Messiah Cooper.

Cooper led a protest, demanding answers and marching from the scene of the shooting to city hall.

"I'll answer their questions and talk to them about what we can disclose at this time," said Mayor Patrick Madden.

A lengthy meeting Wednesday seemed to result in some kind of understanding.

"We have to give them time," Cooper told a gathered crowd. "I have to be a man of my word. I told him we would give him time."

We're told Cooper and the mayor will continue to have a dialogue on not just the investigation, but also the relationship between police and the community.