TROY, N.Y. -- Police are providing an update to a recent string of suspicious fires in Troy.

Several agencies are investigating six recent fires, five this month alone. The latest one happened late Monday night in a shed on 61 6th Avenue.

No one has been hurt in the fires, but officials and residents are concerned, as the fires have the potential to spread to neighboring structures.

Police aren't sure how many people are involved in the potential arsons.

"I don't have to tell anyone about the threat an arsonist poses, but when you have copycats out there, you know you’re certainly multiplying your risk by who knows how many degrees. So it's extremely concerning," said Troy Police Chief John Tedesco.

Troy Mayor Patrick Madden is reminding residents to be vigilant and if they see something, say something. If anyone has any video, photos or information that may help in the investigation, they are asked to call Troy Police Detective Bureau at 518-270-4466.

Troy City Council President Carmella Mantello released a statement, saying: "I support the various techniques the Mayor, Police Chief, and Fire Chief are implementing regarding the numerous arsons occurring in the North Central and Lansingburgh sections of our City.  Additionally, I would encourage a full court press of unmarked police cars and plain clothes police officers to apprehend and bring an end to these arsons."