More than a dozen cats were taken from a Troy home Tuesday, now in the hands of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.

“Someone reached out to animal control in Troy about their concern for these animals, and animal control was able to go in and found dire circumstances,” said Mohawk Hudson Humane Society Communications Manager Marguerite Pearson. 

Officials say the animals were dehydrated and hungry. One is even blind.

“There was an open window, so we believe some got out, so there’s possibly more out there," said Pearson. 

While authorities search for the owner of the home, the cats are being nurtured back to health and will likely be up for adoption.

“Hopefully they’ll find the owner of these animals and hold them accountable for this, and that, at some degree, will determine how long they’re in our possession and when they’ll go up for adoption," said Pearson.