Just across the street from Skidmore College Tuesday, a TV show, “The Adventures of Snow White and Rose Red," was being filmed. The show will air on Amazon.

Aimed for young children, the seven-episode series will be available next year. The 15-minute shows are based upon a fairy tale, and each episode has a lesson on friendship, magic and sisterhood.

“I think that ... it’s very beautiful but important for young girls to see how to be empowered girls,” said writer Alexandra Marello.

Production for the film started earlier this month, with crew and cast members braving Monday and Tuesday’s heat outside in costume.

“It’s really difficult. I just had to keep motivating myself to keep going, because it’s just so hot and really sweaty,” said actor Madeline Balta.

The idea for the film, creator Nicole Coady said, is to also bring back fairy tales to children.

“There’s not a lot of material for children that’s really heart-centered and kind that’s also fun and interesting to watch and also that has real live actors in it. There’s so much out there for kids that’s animated," said Coady.

Filming will also take place in other areas of the city. All involved hope their product will have an impact on not just parents, but kids.

“I hope they go to their parents and say 'mommy, daddy, will you read that original story to me?' Or if they're learning how to read themselves, that they’ll really get excited to go and pick up these old stories and read the original text," said Coady.