It took more than a week to charge the husband of Sherry Norton, because he's been in the hospital suffering from an undisclosed illness that is unrelated to the crime and was not self-inflicted. He was released from doctors' care today, and that's when authorities accused Michael Norton of killing his wife.

He went straight from the hospital and into police custody. Michael Norton is accused of striking Sherry in the back of her head with an ax. Police found the 52-year-old woman dead in the couple's home on May 3. 

"I love my wife very much and I did not mean for this to happen," Norton said.

He stayed silent after that sentence, and his attorney entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. He's charged with second degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

In Saratoga County Court last year, Norton admitted to recklessly discharging a gun in his home while Sherry and their 19-year-old daughter were there. Sherry did have an order of protection against him, but that order still allowed the two to live together. The district attorney believes they have a motive but won't discuss it this early on.

Norton is due back in Hadley town court on May 15. Ultimately, this case will be moved to Saratoga County court. Norton is being held in jail without bail.