ALBANY, N.Y. -- An Albany police officer charged in an off-duty, hit-and-run crash has pleaded not guilty.

The attorney for Officer Shawn Dixon claims that things don't quite add up in this case. Firstly, he says the original charge was just leaving the scene of a property damage crash -- but it's now been upgraded to leaving the scene of an injury crash.

Court papers show the victim has complained of neck and shoulder pain since the early morning crash back on May 4.

Police say Officer Shawn Dixon ran a red light and slammed his own Dodge SUV into the side of the victim's car. They claim Dixon took off from the scene, but the force of the crash tore off his bumper and license plate.

Friday morning in court, he pleaded not guilty to the charge of leaving the scene. His attorney says this seems like a case of mistreating a defendant, just based on his job.

The victim in this case, Sam Leamy, did acknowledge he was in that crash but declined to comment. Leamy confirmed; however, that he has retained an attorney.

Meanwhile, Officer Shawn Dixon remains suspended without pay. He's due back to court on June 15.