It's a musical about a love story told through beautiful songs and different styles of dance. It's "Some People Hear Thunder" at the Capital Repertory Theater. 

"You get an inspiring tale in the midst of a very difficult, tragic situation," said playwright Gerson Smoger.

The play tells the tale of young journalist Jason, who has to leave his first love, Carol, in New York City to cover the events of World War I in southern Turkey. 

"The struggles that I have during the show are wondering 'are you still there? Do you still love me the way that I love you?' " said actor Alex Prakken.

Their love story is intertwined with another love story between an Armenian husband and his French wife, and the genocide of the Armenian people during that tragic time.  

"But it's not specifically about these people's suffering and their pain. It's about how they rose above it," said Prakken.

The poignant musical is premiering in the Capital Region. The actors say even though the musical reminds the audience of a dark period, it shows the light and power of love and resilience.

"It might touch you. It might uplift you. It might cheer you. You might laugh, and I think that you will come away with having felt like you've seen a beautiful story," said actress Joan Hess.

"Some People Hear Thunder" is playing at the REP through May 21.