Rotterdam Police are hoping the public can help them identify the man who appeared to slap a teen at a local gas station last month. Our Matt Hunter has the story.

ROTTERDAM, N.Y. – Police in Rotterdam are investigating a shocking incident between a grown man and two teenagers at a local gas station last month.

"It was a clear case of bullying by somebody so much older," said Lisa Ann Farone, who, along with her husband, owns the Sunoco Station at the corner of Burdeck Street and Campbell Road.

Only one of Farone's employees was in the Rotterdam store last month at the time.

"He came into the store, he went directly to the boys and then out of the clear blue, slapped one of them so hard it was really hard to watch," she said.

"For a person to take out their frustration by striking a juvenile is completely unacceptable," Rotterdam Police Lieutenant Jeff Collins said.

Released by Rotterdam Police Thursday, surveillance footage captured the whole thing.

"He approaches one of the males, who he did not strike, and he seems to be speaking to him in an angry tone,” Collins described. “Then he reaches out and strikes the other male, who was sitting down."

Before being followed to the gas station, the teens told officers they were riding their bikes along Campbell Road when the man swerved at them in his black SUV.

"We are not sure at this point, because we do not have that male's version of the events," Collins said.

Because the store's exterior cameras did not record the vehicle outside, officers hope someone in the public will recognize the man from the footage.

"The clarity on the video was pretty good,” Collins said. “If somebody does know this individual, it is very likely they are going to be able to identify him."

Calling the teens regular customers who are always polite, Farone is hopeful the man is found and held responsible.

"I just hope that somebody can identify this person and that it will be an example of what not to do," Farone said.

The teen who was slapped was unhurt. Police say the man would likely face reckless endangerment and assault charges upon arrest.