Albany County Executive Dan McCoy says President Donald Trump's recent budget proposal will hurt local residents especially seniors. He visited Albany's Meals on Wheels kitchen Monday. Barry Wygel was there and has the story.

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Albany County Executive Dan McCoy is not happy with President Trump's recent budget proposal.

"I want to tell all your viewers please write your senators and congresspeople and let them know you will not take this lightly," said Albany County Executive Dan McCoy. "We're spending a little bit of money up front, but we're saving a lot of money at the end of the day."

With many programs like meals on wheels in Trump's cross hairs, McCoy says the small amount of money that is spent on assistance programs, pays for itself many times over.

"Seniors that have meals on wheels and interact on a daily basis have less time in the hospital and less falls. It saves America money," said McCoy.

Nationally, the Meals on Wheels program is in jeopardy. But New York's program, which uses different federal money sources, is allocated by the state so it might survive initial budget cuts. But some programs in Albany County, like the Heating Energy Assistance Program, is directly funded by the federal government and is on the chopping block.

"Without that money if we get another record cold winter these people can't turn their heat on," said McCoy.

"Each year since I've been here, we have saved at least four lives. People that have fallen and were found. People that had a stroke and sat in their chair all day Saturday, all day Sunday and were found Monday by our Meals on Wheels," Monika Boeckmann, the executive director of Senior Services of Albany.

McCoy says he will be going to D.C. later in the week to plead with federal officials to reject Trump's budget.