Crews began to remove snow in Troy starting at 8 a.m. Thursday.

The city’s one-way and narrow streets have made it a difficult process. But those at Troy Sand & Gravel, which is tasked with removing a lot of the snow, say the process is moving slowly because many people didn’t listen to the parking rules.

“The guys get in a rhythm with the loaders and the trucks moving, and it just throws the rhythm off. It just kind of puts a damper on the day,” said Dan Clemente, who works at Troy Sand & Gravel.

Plow trucks and loaders followed behind tow trucks, with some residents saying they never got the message about where to park their cars.

“We're supposed to go to Long Island on Friday, so now I'm going to have to shell out a couple hundred bucks to get our car back. I don't make money like that,” said Andy Nolin, who got his car towed Thursday morning.

“You know, if people can be patient, that's the biggest thing,” said Clemente. “We're out here trying to help them. Some people get upset and mad with what we're doing, but we're, in the end, out here trying to get the streets cleared for them."

Motorists are asked to only park on the even side of the streets on Thursday. At 8 a.m. Friday, they are asked to switch to only the odd side of the street.