TROY, N.Y. -- The search continues for a man who fell in the Poestenkill Gorge Saturday.

Troy Mayor Patrick Madden says it happened shortly before 4 p.m.

He says three witnesses saw a man climbing on the rocks when he slipped, hit his head, and fell into the water. The man has yet to resurface.

Search teams have been searching the shore, down to the Hudson River. They will have to wait days to put divers in the water. 

The gorge has more water than usual because of the snow melting and recent rain. 

"The water is very high, very cold, very forceful, we're not going in at this time, but the person has not surfaced," Madden said. "It's very dangerous here, because it's primarily constituted with shale, and it breaks off, it crumbles easily, you lose your footing, and there's nothing to stop you on the way down, there's nothing to grab."

There is no word on the age or name of the victim at this time.

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