It was a packed house inside the auditorium at Schenectady County Community College on Monday night, with more than 400 people listening and asking questions to Congressman Paul Tonko during his town hall event.

Many of the questions were directed at President Donald Trump's leadership. 

"Trump's administration is waging a war against the environment," said one audience member. "He has rolled back [the] stream of protection rule, which means mining companies can dump waste onto the waterways."

"When I have a chance to meet with the president, I will share some very strong feelings about climate change, about the environment, about public lands," Tonko said.

The congressman says it has been an interesting time for lawmakers under new leadership. Tonko said he's received many questions from constituents about what's next for them and the nation.  

Questions Monday night varied from the possibility of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act to Trump's travel ban, and his constant attacks on the mainstream media.

"What are you and your colleagues doing to protect our constitutional right?" asked one audience member.

"The first move in taking over and destroying a democracy is to undo the press, and I think that's a tragedy," Tonko said.

Tonko says in all, he's glad to hear from constituents. 

"I think the problem solving that we can do as a community can begin with forums like a town hall," he said.