NISKAYUNA, N.Y. -- Two weeks before Valentine's Day, a Niskayuna woman set out to find just how far her love could reach. 

"It ended up making this the craziest Valentine's Day ever," said Gigi Ben-Ami. 

The 18-year-old Hudson Valley Community College student is celebrating her first Valentine's Day with her first love, Ben Candib. 

"You're going to open it, you're going to put the package aside and look through the rest of it okay?" She said handing Candib a box. 

She's about to show him just how far her love reaches. 

"Wow," he said as he started looking through dozens of photos. 

All of them started with the phrase "Gigi's love for Ben is so big it reached" and ended with whatever country they were sent from. 

She got pictures from from places like Egypt, India, Pakistan, and Sweden.

"I love you," said Candib, almost speechless as he looked over all the photos. 

In just 2 weeks, Ben-Ami was sent 140 photos, and one t-shirt. 

"It just grew so big and so fast and I was not prepared for that," she said. 

The idea came from something called the Love Project, a way for people to get messages of love to spread through social media. 

"And I think there's just so much negativity and hate going on in this world that sometimes you just need some love," said Ben-Ami. 

Gigi's love traveled to 40 countries on six continents.