PITTSFIELD, Mass. -- Hundreds of people march down North Street in Pittsfield to spread the message of FDR's "Four Freedoms."

It was 76-years ago when Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave a speech where he outlined the four fundamental freedoms everyone around the world should have; freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want and freedom from fear.

Hundreds of people marched down North Street in Pittsfield Saturday in support of those four freedoms.

Organizers say they started the march in order to promote fundamental rights Americans of all political beliefs can support.

"We've invited Republicans and Democrats and that's what it should be on this, because it doesn't matter on the individual issues," said Sherwood Guernsey, Four Freedoms Coalition organizer. Everybody should be believing in free speech, everybody should be believing in your right to worship how you please and where you please, everybody should be saying we want freedom of fear for our people and freedom from want, and against bigotry."

This is the first year of the march.

Berkshire-based officials, organizations, faith communities and businesses of all kinds all took part.