Roughly six months after a boat crash on Lake George claimed the life of a young girl and left her mother seriously injured, new court documents paint a picture of a driver heavily influenced by drugs and alcohol. Matt Hunter reports.

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. -- Three months after Alexander West pleaded not guilty to 12 charges tied to last summer's deadly Log Bay Day boat crash on Lake George, new documents prepared by the Warren County District Attorney's office offer a glimpse into the evidence likely to be presented at the 24-year-old's upcoming trial.

Based on interviews given by unspecified passengers on West's boat, Assistant District Attorney Emilee Davenport wrote, "The Grand Jury heard from several witnesses that in the hours prior to driving his boat over the victim's boat, the defendant smoked 'dabs,' concentrated hash on at least two occasions."

On the night of July 25, the Lake George man is accused of driving the boat that crashed into and drove over the boat occupied by the family of Charlotte McCue. The eight-year-old California girl was killed and her mother seriously injured.

While Warren County DA Kate Hogan declined to comment Monday, the documents are her office's response to motions previously filed by defense attorney Cheryl Coleman. Among other things, Coleman has tried to have the entire indictment thrown out, claiming authorities don't have sufficient evidence to prove West committed any crimes.

According to the papers, "Witnesses also testified that they observed [West] snorting cocaine at least twice in the cuddy cabin of his boat."

West is accused of leaving the scene and not reporting the accident.

The documents go on to state "The defendant's blood was drawn approximately 17 and one half hours after the collision ... the defendant's blood tested positive for marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy."

Coleman did not answer requests for comment on this story. Pre-trial hearings have not yet been scheduled.