Workers on strike at Momentive Performance Materials are heading to New York City Friday, calling for fair contract negotiations. Katie Eastman reports.

After 73 days standing on the side of the road, the striking Momentive workers have everything prepared.

"She's here around the clock delivering wood to all the different entrances," said one union worker as he added more wood to their fire.

They stood there on Thanksgiving. They stood there on Christmas.

"I tell my own family these guys are more of a family to me than sometimes them," said Michael Thompson.

But so far, the more than-two-month strike hasn't gotten them any closer to the contract they want.

"We're not asking for anything more than we had the last time," said Thompson.

So on Friday, they prepared for something different: a bus ride to New York City to protest in front of the private equity firm that owns Momentive, Apollo Global.

"Let em know what our feelings are on trying to cut our healthcare, our retiree healthcare, our 401(k) benefits and our vacation," said Local 8139 Vice President Darryl Houshower.

With optimism and quite a few days of protest practice on their side, they're prepared to make a difference. According to Momentive, they denied a recent proposal from the union and there are no immediate plans to return to the negotiating table.