A potentially disturbing investigation from the Albany Police Department: Chief Brendan Cox tells Time Warner Cable News that his department has launched an internal investigation into claims of a sexual relationship between a minor and one of his officers.

Anthony Aubin is the 27-year-old behind bars for allegedly making fake checks out to Colonie car dealerships. His boyfriend is a Schenectady police officer, Jonathan Moore, but he is not involved in what Albany police say Aubin accused one of their officers of doing.

According to Cox, Aubin recently told the APD that one of its officers had inappropriate sexual relations with an underage individual. Cox says they have been investigating this, and it does not appear that a crime that has been committed.

"That's the only concern I have, is whether or not that has happened," Cox said. "Right now, up to now, the investigation has shown that does not appear to be so, but we need to finish our investigation."

Schenectady Police held a press conference yesterday about an Albany Times Union article alleging underage drinking or sex parties that may have been hosted or attended by police officers. Schenectady's chief said Aubin never spoke to them about any alleged parties during his questioning about Moore.

Moore is now suspended with pay pending an internal investigation in connection to the forgery case.

The Times Union article said the Colonie investigation into fraudulent checks triggered a broader look into other agencies. Chief Cox would not confirm that.

"So I'm not going to comment too much on exactly what he said and who he said it to, but this is based on our investigation," the chief continued. "Our investigation has nothing to do with any other agency."

The Albany police officer accused is not on leave, because according to Cox, there is no evidence he did anything wrong.