A public meeting on Troy's proposed budget for next year is being held Wednesday night. 

City council Republicans have called the proposed 28 percent proposed tax hike “outrageous.”

Mayor Madden, in proposing the budget says for too many years Troy officials kicked the can down the road and didn't plan for the future. He says he inherited this budget nightmare, and a 28 percent tax increase is what's needed to get the city back into a positive financial picture.

A City Council committee has gone through the mayor's budget and trimmed out more than $2.5 million, through eliminating vacant positions and newly-created jobs. The council also wants to cut out some consulting and marketing costs, and reduce firefighters' overtime pay.

Any budget plan must be approved by the council and then signed off on by the mayor before it can take effect,

Any budget that goes over the property tax cap must also have a special vote to override that state law.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. at City Hall.