Multiple emergency crews battle a fire in Glenville after a tanker truck exploded. Katie Eastman reports. 

GLENVILLE, N.Y. -- Three plant workers were injured, suffering from burns, after a tanker truck exploded in Glenville. 

A Gorman’s Asphalt Plant truck exploded around 1 p.m. Monday afternoon. According to the town supervisor, the explosion was confined to just one truck.

The people who work in the area heard it before they saw it.

"Just a huge loud bang, just a whole lot louder than what the garbage truck does when he's emptying the dumpster, so I didn't know what it was," said Elmo Reckner, the owner of Elmo's Autobody on Freemans Bridge Road. 

When he stepped outside, he saw a plume of black smoke covering the sky above the Gorman Group Asphalt Plant. The company makes tar and brings it to construction sites.

Thomas Corners Fire Chief Gregg Petricca said "it was a horrific fire at first."

The DEC says during the heating of a valve, the vapor ignited, causing a tanker truck to explode and then start a fire. 

Three of the workers who were reparing the valve are now recovering in hospitals from burns. One was transported by helicopter. The extent of those injuries is unknown.