A building façade in Downtown Albany has been temporarily transformed into a work of art. The artist hopes her work encourages people to connect with their surroundings.

Where most see a boarded-up building, artist Rachel Baxter sees an opportunity, a chance to encourage people to take stock of their surroundings.

“Just kind of a sense of place, being connected to where they are, being present, hopefully a little moment of reflection on something beautiful,” said Baxter.

She’s is putting the finishing touches on a massive mural lining the outside of a building at the corner of North Pearl Street and Maiden Lane. Next to it, a 10-by-20-foot map of downtown Albany.

“Kind of a combination of drawings that I did where the figure is kind of immersed in its surroundings or becoming part of its surroundings,” said Baxter.

It’s called “You Are Here, Too.” The mural is expected to stay up for eight months while the building is renovated.

The project was made possible by a partnership between the Downtown Albany Business Improvement District, Albany Center Gallery and Fairbank Properties, who owns the building.

Tony Iadicicco, the executive director of Albany Center Gallery, said, “I think those types of relationships are important, so the idea is to inspire people that walk by, but also to inspire business owners and community leaders to keep supporting artwork in the community.”

“It is something I would love to see happen more often in Albany, to see more artists being able to have the same opportunity and really beautify our city, because there is so much awesome stuff happening,” said Baxter.

Once construction is complete, the mural will be taken down and auctioned to benefit Albany Center Gallery.