Longtime Assemblyman Jim Tedisco is celebrating a primary win in his bid to switch chambers and join the Senate. He's now officially the Republican pick to fill outgoing Senator Hugh Farley's seat in the 49th District. Tedisco declared victory after taking more than 60 percent of the vote. Tamani Wooley reports.

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. -- Assemblyman Jim Tedesco accepted the Republican nomination for 49th state Senate Tuesday night.

"I think what this election has shown that a record of achievement always trumps a retoric of achievement,” said Tedisco.  

Tedisco says he's ready to fight to represent the constituents of the second largest district in New York state representing all of Fulton and Hamilton counties and parts of Herkimer, Schenectady and Saratoga.

"I'm gonna be a fighter for them for the 49th senatorial district in Upstate New York when I get to the Senate. The economy and jobs and public safety and certainly our infrastructure,” said Tedisco.  

And the man whose seat Tedisco is looking to fill -- Senator Hugh Farley who's retiring after 40 years --agrees.

"He's a very competent, honest politician and he will hit the floor running,” said Tedisco.  

Tedisco won primary night overwhelmingly. Still he gives credit to his opponent real estate businessman Christian Klueg.

"I was happy that he was interested in running and I appreciate anybody who gets in the arena of public service and wants to create a better quality of life for their constituents,” Klueg said.

Now Tedisco is getting ready for the general election

"The second leg starts tomorrow we're gonna work just as hard,” said Tedisco.  

As for beginning that second leg, Tedisco faces Democratic opponent and Schenectady deputy city clerk Chad Putman on November.