A massive sinkhole is still giving Albany residents a headache as work continues on repairs, and effects are being felt in nearby Guilderland, which gets some of its water from the city. Barry Wygel has an update.

ALBANY, N.Y. -- It has been one week since a massive sinkhole in Albany swallowed an SUV, and left a community with a host of water issues.

Now crews are removing debris from that sinkhole at Elberon Place, so they can begin to make repairs on the sewer line below.

In the next two days, crews hope to remove about 250 feet worth of concrete, cobblestones and other debris that fell on the sewer line when the sinkhole opened up.

This repair job is having a ripple effect on water. Guilderland has water restrictions in place right now, and Lincoln Park in Albany is still closed. The water commissioner says not filling the pool was a no-brainer decision.

"Since Lincoln Park tends to use a lot of water, our goal at this point is to shut that down until we get this water main connected again,” said Joseph Coffey, with the Albany Water Department.

In terms of timeline for repair, the water commissioner says it will take not days, but possibly weeks.

He says the new sewer line when in place could last another 100 years, and once it is in, crews can begin filling that sinkhole.