Warren County Sheriff Bud York says Alexander West, the man police say was driving the boat that hit another boat on Lake George last month and killed an 8-year-old girl, tested positive for three classes of drugs.

York, during a press conference Tuesday, said West's results were positive for at least two illegal classes of drugs. He also said he knows West was drinking the night of the fatal crash on Log Bay Day that also injured the 8-year-old's mother, but toxicology results show alcohol results are negative. Blood was drawn about 14 hours after the accident, York said, and he expected to find drugs in blood, but not alcohol, because it dissipates much quicker.

Toxicology results could add to the charges, but that would be up to the District Attorney's office, according to the sheriff. More results are pending. York said accident reconstruction should be done soon as well.

Five people have been arrested in connection with the crash. West is charged with leaving the scene of an accident. Four of his passengers were arraigned on charges ranging from hindering prosecution to providing a false instrument.

The sheriff says he is still looking for information from any witnesses from the night of the accident.

Time Warner Cable News will have more information tonight.