TROY, N.Y. -- Jury deliberations are underway in the Jacob Heimroth trial. Heimroth is accused of brutally beating a Lansingburgh couple to death in the summer of 2014.

A judge charged the jury Monday morning after closing arguments. Deliberations began in the afternoon, and already, the jury has asked several questions. They wanted to know what the weather was the night of the crime, but that was never introduced as evidence, so the judge couldn't tell them. They also asked for the definition of "reasonable doubt" again, and for several parts of testimont to be re-read.

The defense used closings to try and discredit testimony from Daniel Reuter, who took a plea deal in connection to the murder in exchange for testifying against Heimroth. Reuter said he beat victim Allen Lockrow with a bat while Heimroth killed Allen's wife Maria with a two-by-four wooden board.

Prosecutors told jurors that other witnesses confirmed Reuter's testimony as they played a tape of a neighbor who called 911, reporting she saw two men running outside of the home and then get in the Lockrow's car.

"[Reuter] told police Jacob Heimroth was a part of it because that is what happened. [The defense] would have you believe Daniel acted alone," said prosecutor Andrew Botts. "In the span of five minutes, [Reuter] kicks in the door wearing two different shoes, runs down the hallway with two separate weapons, allows Maria to get by, kills Allen, then kills [Maria] inside of five minutes. All the while he's checking the dresser and ransacking it. Talk about absurdities. There were two people: Daniel and Jacob."

If Heimroth is convicted, he faces life in prison.