Film fans are headed to the Capital Region throughout the next few days. They'll be here for the New York State Film Festival, a chance to see more than 70 short films. Michael Howard spoke to the festival's organizers about the event.

ALBANY, N.Y.— An Oklahoma native James Oxford is following his passion. He is the producer of the 10 minute short film "The Taking of Aserbodein" about two men trying to take possession of a child. 

"It is a very odd hard to categorize in a genre film, kind of a thriller but kind of a drama," said Oxford. 

Oxford is just one of 71 films being shown at the Madison Theatre in Albany, during the New York State International Film Festival that kicked off Saturday night. 

"Gives all the film makers the opportunity to screen their film plus they opportunities to have some panels to talk about their films and have the audience ask questions," said organizer, Nico Altekin. 

The weeklong event screens short films for the audience, defined as independent films 40 minutes or less. Genres can range from drama and comedy, to music and horror.

The festival was organized by Time Warner Cable News employee Nico Altekin , a Turkish native who moved to the United States six years ago. 

The event is the first of its kind here in Albany, with hopes to put the Capital Region on the map. 

"People have been trying to make a film festival, but I don't think they have enough experience or patience. I think Albany has a lot of potential," said Altekin. 

That potential and passion is what these filmmakers and organizers have, with hopes to make it in front of the bright lights. 

"At the end of the week I'm sure I'll be so happy when I see all the film makers and audience celebrate the art of short films together," said Altekin. 

"It's a great venue to watch a film in I'm hopeful they're going to have some great success," said Oxford.