LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. -- The Warren County Sheriff's Office says 19 people were arrested during the annual Log Bay Day festivities Monday.

Officials estimate 600 people were there, many of them drinking. 

Some in the Lake George area describe partygoers behavior as "out of control" and want this year’s Log Bay Day to be the last. 

Hundreds gathered in a normally quiet corner of Lake George Monday, dropping anchor for a day-long party known as Log Bay Day.

“There is drinking. A lot of consumption goes on," concerned parent Monica Kasselman Oberting said. "There are accidents. We’ve had people we know that have had stitches, been hospitalized."

“I’m a proponent of doing away with it altogether and I am certainly going to work towards that," Warren County Sheriff Bud York said.

Officials believe 24-year-old Alexander West, the driver of a boat that hit another boat Monday night killing a 9-year-old girl and injuring her mother, had been at the been at the party along with his four passengers. Investigators say they left the scene, never calling for help. 

“An innocent life was lost and family and friends and everyone’s life is turned upside down from it," Kasselman Oberting said.

She is promoting a petition asking lawmakers to put an end to the notorious event. A few years ago, she says a boat lost control in Log Bay and hit a boat her child was on, going over it, similar to Monday night’s crash that claimed the life of Charlotte McCue of California.  

“Unfortunately this tragic event should tell us all that it should be the end of it," Lake George Mayor Bob Blais said. "It should not even be debatable.”

Mayor Blais says the event is dangerous and places an enormous burden on law enforcement. Other bays on the lake don’t allow anchoring. Enacting similar rules in Log Bay, he says, could help prevent future gatherings. 

“When you have that many people together drinking and partying something bad is going to happen,” Sheriff York said.

Officials say the investigation into the fatal crash is ongoing, but they do plan to charge West with, at the very least, leaving the scene of an accident. 

“That is the least, okay? We don’t want to charge the least,” said York.

Sheriff York says he's meeting with District Attorney Kate Hogan and other local officials to discuss their options for ending the Log Bay Day lake party.