LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. -- Warren County Sheriff Bud York calls this one of the biggest tragedies on the lake since the 2005 sinking of the Ethan Allen, which killed 20 people.

Normally a quiet getaway in the Adirondacks, Lake George became site of tragedy Monday night for the family of 9-year-old Charlotte McCue.

"Hit it and went over the top," Warren County Sheriff Bud York said. "The victim and her mother were in the middle right where the boat went."

Sheriff York says a little after 9 p.m., a boat driven by Alexander West of Lake George, with four other people in it hit the McCue family's boat near Cramer Point killing the girl from California and injuring her mother. McCue's grandparents, father and two other young family members were uninjured.

"There is some possible culpability here so there maybe charges filed," York said.

York says that's because West's boat left the scene; later turning up damaged at the Tea Island Resort a short distance away. York says all five were picked up by a vehicle, never calling for help.

"Nobody called," York said.

York says all were located overnight and are cooperating. West submitted a blood sample to be tested for drugs and alcohol. The sheriff believes the five were at Monday's Log Bay Day; a well known party on the Lake.

"Anybody that was at Log Bay Day, if they have any video of Log Bay we'd like it, they have any video and they know Mr. West and his boat, we'd like that video as well," York said.

York, who was with his grandchildren around the same age as McCue when he got the call, calls it upsetting.

"What's the reason?" York said. "That's for us to find out and we will figure it out."

McCue's mother was taken to Glen's Falls Hospital. Sheriff York says he's unsure on the severity of her injuries. He calls this an ongoing investigation involving multiple law enforcement agencies and charges could come at anytime.