ALBANY, N.Y. -- Time Warner Cable News has obtained video of UAlbany campus police, questioning the three young women who claimed they were victims of a racially-charged attack. Just days after the incident in January on the CDTA bus, Alexis Briggs, Ariel Agudio and Asha Burwell spoke to police.

"Would it shock you, if things were different than what you remember?" a UAlbany Investigator asked.

That question from a UAlbany police investigator, asked of 20-year-old Alexis Briggs, may be the moment when this case began to turn.

The allegations are now familiar: three young black women, all students at UAlbany, claimed they were beaten on a bus ride, and called racial slurs by a group of at least a dozen white people.

The three have since been accused of falsely reporting a hate crime, but in the lead-up to charges, police interrogated each young woman, and showed them surveillance video of the actual fight.

It was when their story, began to change.

"I really didn't hear anything at all," Agudio said. "Like, I just heard noise."

Agudio is facing assault and harassment charges for much of the fight and although she and two others had claimed to hear the term known as the "N-word," Agudio told investigators that wasn't the case.

"Nothing that I could distinctly be like, 'Oh, that was said.' Like nothing," Agudio said.

Viewing the same CDTA surveillance video we have now seen, Alexis Briggs admitted, she could not see anyone striking she and her friends.

"I think that the whole case, minus the guys hitting us, should still get investigated," Briggs said. "Because I know what I heard and I know what happened."

The video does not include officers challenging Asha Burwell, who had been the most vocal of the three, but in a conversation with officers, and in her written statement, Burwell repeats her claims that she heard racial slurs, and that a group of white men and women had beaten her, and her friends.

They are claims that eventually led to her being charged.