ALBANY, N.Y. -- Albany County Court is a venue usually reserved for more serious felony cases. But this week, District Attorney David Soares announced the three young women would be prosecuted, after they were indicted by a grand jury for falsely reporting a racial gang attack on a CDTA bus, and also for allegedly beating up other people on that bus.

Court papers say the girls are being charged for telling a crowd of supporters at a UAlbany rally that they were beaten and called racial slurs by a group of white students on a bus.

Wednesday, all three pleaded 'not guilty' to a list of charges -- including assault, attempted assault, harassment and false reporting.

Outside court, their attorneys said this proceeding has been unlike anything else they've defended.

The three women are not expected to be back in court until at least June, and possibly later. Their attorneys have confirmed that UAlbany has recommended expelling Burwell and Agudio, and suspending Briggs. All three are appealing those recommendations.