Thousands of people came out to Albany, to protest the oil trains traveling through the area. Jim Vasil was there and has more on what those protesters want to see happen.

ALBANY. N.Y. -- An international movement right here in the Capital City.

Break Free 2016 is the global fight against fossil fuels and crude oil trains that lumber though our cities.

"The kind of power we have comes with our voices, our spirits and our bodies," said event organizer Marla Marcum. "There's a lot of passion that people are bringing to this work and we need out elected leaders to listen."

Listen to their voices, and see their solidarity, which included a march that ended right on the train tracks along I-787 North, where crude oil trains lumber by throughout the week.

"These are regular folks saying, 'This is so important to me, I'm going to put my body in the way of these trains,'" said Marcum.

On those tracks with them was Hollywood actor James Cromwell.

"Governor Cuomo has the opportunity to put his name in the pantheon of environmental leaders by saying 'This will not happen in my state,'" said Cromwell.

One day they hope to ban these trains for good. That's a goal that will take manpower. Which, if Saturday was any indication, they're off to a great start.

"It's not just a symbol," said Marcum. "It's a signal that this what you can expect from now on."

Global Partners, which is the company that owns the crude oil trains released a statement earlier this week, which read in part:

"It’s clear we take our jobs, and our responsibility to the community, to safety, and the environment, very seriously. We will proudly continue to provide critical services and supplies to the entire Northeastern United States, and play a positive role in Albany’s future for years to come.”