TROY, N.Y. -- While police shutdown part of Hoosick street and the entrance to the Collar City bridge for hours Sunday morning to continue their investigation, residents who did not want to be identified recalled the frightening sounds of gunshots that woke them up.

Troy police say around 3:15 a.m. an officer pulled over this black Honda on 6th Ave.

But the driver took off nearly running the officer over as described though his radio transmissions. The person behind the wheel lead police on a chase down Hoosick street.

Authorities say the suspect tried to make a U turn onto the Collar city bridge but crashed into a barrier. Once the vehicle was surrounded by police they say he rammed an officers car behind him, then threw it in drive and headed straight towards another officer, hitting and pinning him against his vehicle that's when police say they opened fire.

Police had to move the suspects car off of the officer who was taken to the hospital and will require further medical treatment in the future, the suspect was pronounced dead.

Mid morning the suspects vehicle was towed from the scene with numerous bullet holes in the windshield.

While residents say they're glad no one else was hurt.

The officer or suspect has yet to be identified it also unknown why police pulled the vehicle over in the first place as this investigation police say is continuing.