TROY, N.Y. -- A no- show from self-proclaimed cop-watcher Adam Rupeka's girlfriend in Troy City Court is adding to speculation that the pair may have actually fled the country to Canada.

A judge Tuesday issued a bench warrant for Jennifer Ogburn after she didn't show up for court.

Ogburn and Rupeka are both facing sex abuse charges and were arrested over the weekend after a 15-year-old girl came forward saying the pair had inappropriate contact with her.

Ogburn had posted online that she was in Alberta, Canada with Rupeka. Also posted on Rupeka's Youtube channel, was a video also saying he's on the run.

Rupeka is due in court on Friday himself, and if his name sounds familiar, he was awarded a settlement after he videotaped a confrontation he had with a Saratoga Springs police officer.

He was also arrested after he crashed a drone in to the state's capitol building.