It was a plan to stop a law that was already voted on and Common Council member Judd Krasher hoped to sway some of the members who voted for the trash fee back in January, but that didn't happen.

The repeal of the trash fee failed on Monday night with council members voting 8-5 against it. Just one council member switched their vote from January.

"Politics prevailed and the mayor's majority decided to stick with the discriminatory trash tax that will continue for go knows how long," said Councilman Krasher.

The law will sunset in December of 2019, but Krasher says that's not soon enough, and so did many people who came to speak out in favor of the repeal. 

"The tax should be a broad across the board to all citizens of the city of Albany," said Judd Feinman, a landlord in the city.

"I think it's wrong; I think it's unfair," added Albany County Legislator Chris Higgins.

Krasher has continued to advocate for applying the fee to single-family homes. As it stands, landlords of two- to four-unit apartment buildings must pay $180 a year per unit, and each owner gets one unit free.

The Albany Budget Director, Rachel McEneny, says the $1.5 million the city will receive in revenue each year is necessary.

"This was not something that was just thrown together," she said. "This was something well thought out, planned and we're glad that the council stayed the course."

Krasher can bring this law up for a vote again, but he doesn't believe the current council members would ever support it.