Business is buzzing at a local coffee company after being featured in a national commercial during Sunday's Super Bowl. TWC News' Matt Hunter has more on the excitement surrounding Death Wish Coffee.

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. – On top of the usual morning rush, Saratoga Coffee Traders welcomed a slew of first-time customers Monday.

"I came down to get some Death Wish Coffee," said Doug Irving, who drove down from Queensbury. "I've been watching it for a while; this is actually the first time I've had it."

"I summer here and wanted to come in and try the coffee," said Lori Pritchett, who was visiting Saratoga from her home on Long Island.

The original home of Death Wish Coffee, the Broadway shop's rush of business was largely driven by a 30-second ad, which Sports Illustrated ranked as the best to premiere during Sunday night's Super Bowl.

"I saw the ad and somebody at the party said, 'you can get the coffee right in downtown Saratoga,' ” Wells resident Suzanne Wonder said. “I said 'great, we're going there tomorrow.' "

"It [commercial] had the Viking theme with it, the guys on the boat, rough seas and then they slide down the tongue of the guy who finishes the coffee sip,” Irving said. “It's a killer ad."

As company staff expected after winning Intuit Quickbooks' contest to receive the free commercial last month, online business picked up almost immediately after it aired.

"I think the ad is awesome," said Death Wish Coffee shipping manager Eric Donovan, who works out of the company's manufacturing facility in Round Lake. “It felt really, really surreal to know that many people were enjoying it with me, and pretty much as soon as it was over, it was right back to work."

With orders shipping left and right, many far beyond the tiny coffee shop will soon experience the coffee billed as the "world's strongest" for the first time.

"Saratoga certainly deserves all of the attention it could get so this is wonderful," Pritchett said.

"It's smooth but you feel the strongness right away,” Billy Wonder said. “It's definitely a good, good cup of coffee."