ALBANY, N.Y. -- An emotional rally, tweets from presidential candidates and NFL players, all spurred by an alleged hate crime --one that police now say didn't happen.

Police released bus footage from the morning of January 30. While the video is only part of the extensive amount of footage, police say at no point did a white male throw a punch or make a racial slur, as the women claimed.

Police say the three purported victims of the attack were actually the ones attacking, and that their story was false. Aria Agudio, Alexis Briggs and Asha Burwell were all charged with third-degree assault, while Agudio and Burwell face additional charges of falsely reporting an incident, as evidenced by 911 calls:

CALLER: I am now at Empire Commons at the University of Albany, but it happened on public transportation along the way, so I guess it's a City of Albany crime.

DISPATCH: (pause) I think we have two people on the phone ahead of when you called.

CALLER: Yeah, well, we do but -- actually, I hung up. I needed to make sure someone was coming because no one called the cops when we got jumped, at all, no one cared, and all three of my friends were against ten people and I just feel like this needs to go someone.

DISPATCH: Where are you right now?

CALLER: It was a racially-fueled (inaudible). We were three black girls jumped by like 20 white people, so I just think it's important that we call.

Three weeks of interviews, hours of audio scrubbing in the State Police Crime Lab and a flurry of punches caught on video are what led to the charges that will see those three women in court Monday.