HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. -- Hoosick Falls Mayor David Borge says an agreement is expected to be reached Wednesday with Saint-Gobain regarding cleanup costs.

A board meeting was held Tuesday night. It was the first one since the state declared a superfund site in the village last month.

PFOA, a potentially cancer-causing chemical, was found in the water supply, and traced back to the Saint Gobain plant in the village.

Mayor Borge has been criticized for not telling people to stop drinking the water sooner. He says he was following what the Department of Health advised him to do, but does call the criticism justifiable.

Activists also addressed concerns about information presented at a public meeting with state agencies in December.

"They gave out the wrong information. You know why they gave out the wrong information? They were looking at data that was 20 plus years old. They never looked at the c8 Science Panel results. And yet they offered that opinion. Then we found out, shortly after they completely changed their opinion," said Kevin Allard, a former village board member.

Other questions regarding exposure to the chemical and blood tests, along with the impact on the economy and property values were also discussed.