Two former law enforcement officers have been sentenced in Albany County Court.

The first was Joshua Spratt, a former Watervliet police officer and Army reserve member. He was sentenced to 6 months in jail and 10 years probation for having sexual contact with two teenagers.

Spratt worked as a school resource officer in the Watervliet School District. He was arrested in July and pled guilty in October to only one count of criminal sexual act in the third-degree.

The sex offender registration hearing will take place January 13.

"I apologize to my wife and three children and assure you judge you will never see my face in this courtroom again," Spratt said.

"Two words come to mind -- serve and protect -- and you protected no one and served yourself," said Judge Thomas Breslin said.

Meanwhile, in another courtroom a short time later, a former Albany County sheriff's deputy was sentenced to three years probation for exchanging inappropriate texts with a minor.

Martin Zaloga resigned from his post days after Spratt's arrest.

Albany County Sherriff Craig Apple says the discovery was made through an anonymous Facebook page, initially set up to defend Spratt.

Zaloga's attorney says Zaloga never had sexual or physical relations with the minor.  A no contact order was also issued.