North Greenbush police have identified a suspect in a fatal stabbing in Wynantskill. Tanja Rekhi has the details.

Signs of tragedy throughout this residential Wynantskill neighborhood. Investigators were trying to piece together what happened late Thursday night.

A beloved city servant of Troy, 56-year-old William Chamberlain, was stabbed multiple times just steps from his home. Joseph Vandenburgh has been identified as a suspect, with police saying they have what they believe is significant forensic evidence.

"Mr. Vandenburgh is on parole for a previous conviction of burglary in the first degree, and is now being charged with a violation of parole," North Greenbush Police Chief Robert Durivage said during a press conference Friday.

Vandenburgh has been sent back to jail after serving 9 years for a burglary conviction. Police are not commenting on how he violated parole or any relationship between the two.

"We still have many processes that are still in progress," Durivage said, "and we are not ready at this time to present any charges to the district attorney's office. It can actually compromise the successful prosecution by doing such right now."

Police have deployed dozens of officers in the area, asking people what they know about Thursday night. In the meantime, for those people, one thing does seem clear. 

"We feel confident that the residents of North Greenbush can feel safe tonight, especially in that area and all areas of town, that we will be successful as we move forward with this investigation," Durivage said.

If you have any information related to the case, call police at 518-283-5323.