ALBANY, N.Y. -- One of the two men who tried to make a device to carry out a terror plot was sentenced in federal court.

Eric Feight pled guilty in January to a felony charge of providing material support to terrorists. He will spend eight years and a month in prison with three years post release supervision.

Feight and Glendon Crawford were arrested in June 2013 after the FBI found they tried to make a device capable of emitting lethal doses of radiation.

Investigators found Crawford was going to park a box truck with the device outside a mosque and other targets.

Feight’s attorney said his client was “naively involved,” and never meant to hurt anyone.

Feight himself also spoke, saying he was lured into the plot under false pretenses.

“I mean, it was pretty impassioned,” defense attorney Peter Moschetti said. “You don’t normally hear something of that length. I think he said what he felt, and I think it was compelling. I don’t know if it moved Judge Sharpe, I think it probably did, so again, it’s 180 months, guideline range, so 97 months is half of that.”

Crawford was convicted for his role in August and faces 25 years to life when he is sentenced in March.