The Rensselaer County district attorney and Troy police chief called a joint press conference announcing a grand jury returned a 'no bill' regarding criminal charges for the Troy police officers involved in the death of Thaddeus Faison.

DA Joel Abelove announced no criminal action will be taken, and that Troy police officer Joshua Comitale and Chad Klein were justified in using force against Faison.

Back in August, officers responded to a call for a carjacking in Lansingburgh. When they pursued the suspect, later identified as Faison, he opened fire, hitting an officer in the shoulder.

The officers returned fire and shot Faison multiple times. He later died from his injuries at the hospital. It was later determined Faison had marijuana and PCP in his system.

The DA says his department has been in communication with Faison's family.

"My heart does go out to the family of Mr. Faison because they lost somebody as well," Abelove said. "It's not their fault that they lost a loved one, but the culpability in this case lays at the feet of Mr. Faison. He fired first. He could have ended this when instructed to do so and he did not."

Although the criminal matter has concluded, an internal affairs investigation is still ongoing.

The two police officers involved are both undergoing extensive physical therapy, but are expected to make a full recovery.