ALBANY, N.Y. – If you’ve seen some statues or sculptures in the city of Albany wearing what looks like some brightly colored warm weather gear, you’re not seeing things.

The knitting group Chicks with Sticks is 'yarn bombing' Albany.

"And I attached big signs that said 'I am not lost, take me if you need to be warm and know that somebody cares,' " said organizer Jody Mason.

The group of women placed more than 100 hand-knit items all around Albany, from South Pearl Street to Academy Park.

"It doesn't take a lot of brain to knit," said Cinzia Cerza, laugning.

If they won't call themselves the brains, then the ladies of Chicks with Sticks are the hearts and hands behind the yarn bombing.

"This was fun and I think it took us, what -- we started in the spring?" said Cerza.

They've been knitting for strangers for five months. But knitting  for months on end is nothing new for Mason and her chicks.  They have a book that journals 10 years of knitted donations to homeless shelters, hospitals and more. Together, they've knit more than 2,500 items.

"This might be a way for eveybody to benefit and that way we won't have to specify just one particular group," said Mason.

As the ladies continue to work on their holiday donations, they want you to take a hat or a scarf from the statues and the benches if you're cold.