Local residents are continuing a push for Albany city leaders to respond to their demands in connection to Donald Ivy's death.

Ivy's family, friends, and supporters rallied outside of City Hall on Monday, urging Mayor Kathy Sheehan to meet their requests. The Capital Area Against Mass Incarceration group delivered a letter to her office Monday, urging her to immediately fire the three officers involved in the incident and Chief Brendan Cox. They also demand that Albany police officers be disarmed of Tasers and firearms.

This is one of multiple rallies they've held in response to Ivy's death after being hit with a Taser by police last April.

"Here, we're really interested in seeing some accountability for the police officers that were involved," said Capital Area Against Mass Incarceration Organizer Angelica Clarke. "We can have a long-term strategy for how to remove elected officials, and that's an easy journey to go on, but when we're talking about people who are employees, we need the people in power to make the responses to those, and that would be the mayor of Albany."

The group has given Mayor Sheehan a deadline of November 30 to respond to their demands.