ATHENS, N.Y. -- While most people are used to getting fruits and vegetables from a grocery store, others prefer them straight from the source.

That's where entrepreneur Donna Williams saw an opportunity.

"It's kind of a radical new way of getting local produce," Williams said.

Williams started Field Goods four years ago in Athens, Greene County. The subscription-based food delivery company makes weekly deliveries to more than 400 work sites and community locations across a 9 county region; From Saratoga to Amsterdam, down to New York City and even Stamford, Connecticut. 

"We pick each week what goes in the bag. What that does is it gets people trying new products and we also give them information about what to do with it," Williams said.

Field Goods buys its products from more than 70 local farms.

"The majority of our product comes from farms up and down the Hudson Valley," said Williams.

Field Goods delivers bags year round that feature more than 150 different fruits and vegetables, breads, cheeses, and other dairy products,

Field Goods delivers around 2,000 bags a week, and in its four years has served about 7,000 customers, and keeps growing each year.

"For the most part we've double every year but I started with 60 customers and I delivered out of my dad's 1990 Ford station wagon."

Field Good's staff is as diverse as the produce it offers. It has 25 employees ranging from veterans, members of the local Green-Ulster ARC, and young professionals.

"Greene County has high unemployment (rate) so we're able to provide jobs in a place that needs it," Williams said.

Field Good's ultimate goal is to help people eat healthier and local produce, while boosting one of New York's largest industries.

"If we can grow and we can get more customers we can make a big difference for agriculture in this area," said Williams.

It was all started with Williams' fresh idea.

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