ALBANY, N.Y. -- Imagine more life, at any time of day, in downtown Albany, and imagine if there was a plan on how to do so.

Capitalize Albany Corporation says they have it.

"We have a clear action of how to sort of move forward," said Georgette Steffens, executive director of Albany BID, "how to capitalize on the investment that's happening and how to continue the momentum."

Capitalize Albany Corporation drafted a more-than-100-page playbook on how to build the future for the Capital City.

"This takes a much finer-grain focus on the Downtown District and establishes tactics for how to achieve that potential," said Capitalize Albany Corporation President Sarah Reginelli.

That potential is backed up by some pretty impressive numbers.

"We have the opportunity to build 100-200 new market-rate units every year for the next 10 years," said Reginelli.

It's around $465 million in investments altogether, and Reginelli says their plan will fit in perfectly with the existing Albany 2030 plan.

"It was one of the foundational documents for developing this," said Reginelli.

SUNY headquarters is backing them up, doing some sprucing-up of their own spot on the Albany skyline.

"To be the good neighbor, good stakeholder and support all the good work that capitalize Albany is doing," said Sherman S. Jewett, SUNY Asst. Vice Chancellor of Communications.

The fervent hope is to have downtown bustling on nights and weekends as it does during the day.

"We are at an incredible point in downtown Albany and the Capital Region," said Reginelli. "We have tremendous potential in front of us with millennials and boomers looking to be in a walkable, interesting, vibrant, authentic urban setting."