With the legislative session scheduled to wrap up this month, one piece of legislation that may hit the chamber floor is a move that would bring companies like Uber to New York. Barry Wygel has more.

ALBANY, N.Y. -- The streets around the capitol will be filled Tuesday with New York City taxis -- protesting.

Hundreds of taxi cab drivers are expected to make the trip to the capitol, calling on the Legislature to ban Transportation Network Companies like Uber.

Uber allows people looking for a ride to use an app to locate a driver who is not a traditional taxi.

The Taxi Workers Alliance says the move would lead to unsafe unregulated cars acting as taxis and would lead to a decrease in collectable tax revenue.

Uber has already been banned in a number of states including Hawaii and Michigan, but has been popular in cities like Chicago.

On the other side, some business leaders in different parts of the state -- including in the Capital Region, have said services like Uber provide better quality service, and therefore, provide a better experience for their customers as they arrive and depart.

The current plan would not allow Uber in New York City, but would allow it in the rest of the state and suburbs of the city.