New York Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott said Monday she plans to examine all factors that could've lead to Richard Matt and David Sweat's escape from the maximum security area of Clinton Correctional Facility on June 4.

"I will follow the evidence, wherever it leads," Leahy Scott said. "I am committing all resources necessary to conduct an expedient and comprehensive investigation that lead to the escape of the two inmates."

Immediately after Matt and Sweat were discovered missing, many wondered how two men could carve their way through prison walls and pipes using power tools, without catching the attention of the maximum security prison's guards. 

"I don't know how they did that; the sparks, the dust, the fumes," said Rich Plumadore, a retired prison maintenance worker.

Retired for the past six years, Plumadore spent more than three decades working inside the prison's maintenace shop.

"I knew every inch of that tunnel, every inch of the catwalks, every inch of the attics," Plumadore said.

Last week, authorities charged prison worker Joyce Mitchell as an accomplice but said she did not provide the power tools the two men allegedly used.

While some inmates with jobs inside the prison are given access to equipment, Plumadore said great attention is paid to who signs them in and out.

"Everybody has got a number; every employee has a number, [and] inmates," Plumadore said. "Everything is tagged, tool control in the maintenance department is 110 percent."

Who did provide those tools, along with who else knew about the escape plan and why inmates with the backgrounds of Sweat and Matt may have received any special priviledges at all are answers the inspector general's investigation will try to uncover.

All the while, the massive manhunt stretches through its second week.

"I hope they catch them and neither one of them will ever see daylight again," Plumadore said.

In a morning press release, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the inspector general will work alongside an outside expert in corrections and law enforcement. Together the two will also create a list of recommendation designed to prevent future escape attempts.