The closer we get to April -- the bigger the temptation gets to have that first meal outside.  And if that urge is just too strong to resist, and you have time to head to Scotia, you may be in luck. Barry Wygel has more.

SCOTIA, N.Y. -- It was an early morning, but well worth it for these Jumpin' Jack's enthusiasts.

"I've been first the past five years," said Lizzy Kenific, a Scotia resident.

For many, it was the winter that wouldn't end, and even with below average temperatures for opening day, the opening of the popular burger joint signals the start of spring.

"We just try to keep it fun and keep it priced right and make it a good destination point for people," said Mark Lansing, Jumpin' Jack's owner.

With lines stretching into the parking lot as the first burger came off the grill, it was clear 2015 was off to a good start.

"Just come down and relax, look at the river, walk in the park or have some food an ice cream. Just be themselves," Lansing said.  

And with neighboring Freedom Park having events multiple times a week, the long lines won't be dwindling anytime soon.