TROY, N.Y. -- Troy city council members have been called to testify regarding hearings that were focused on the demolition at the former King Fuels site.

The demolition took place in August 2013.

Troy Fire Chief Tom Garrett deemed the property unsafe and contacted the owner to take it down.

The demolition led to concerns over public safety.

A report found the building was contaminated with asbestos and the demolition took place next to a restaurant which was not evacuated.

Critics of the process say the demolition should have been done after a better site evaluation and neighbors were properly warned.

The city council held hearings regarding the demolition and found no claims of criminal fault.

EPA agents and the FBI are looking into whether there was any criminal wrong doing in emergency demolitions of both buildings on King Street, and the King Fuels site in South Troy.

The focus of the subpoena Wednesday was just regarding the demolition of the buildings on King Street.

Some city councilors say they were concerned with dangerous asbestos being released into the air with the demolitions. 

"I'm relieved to see that at least another organization has some data, some evidence, that they want to follow up on and to hold people accountable for what happened," said Troy City Council member Ken Zalewiski.

Nine council members were subpoenaed to testify next month.